Lazho Pen – High quality meso pen

Available needles: 1,3,5,12,36,42,nano pin needles

6 levels of speed
Needle length adjustment from 0.25mm-3.0mm
The max speed can be 8000-18000 times/min
Metal body

1/3/5 pin needles

It can be used for Tattoo & Makeup ( Lip line /Eye Brow)

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Lazhopen is a non-surgical instrument which includes a disposable needle-tip cartridge with micro-needles. It is used in the repair, renewal and rejuvenation of the skin by naturally stimulating the reformation of fresh collagen with minimum downtime which promotes scar less healing. It is an innovative and painless aesthetic medical technique that combines traditional micro-needle technology. It penetrates more evenly into the skin. Lazhopen is provided with various Needles to pierce the skin.