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From our valuable Clients!

Wonderful result

The need to look good is a desire for every women, now what can make You look good are there any good products which can help me to resolve my issues. Yes, there are some products and services which can reduce the issues which make as look a little different. Now What are those products, yes here comes a Help Lazhora has given such wonderful products like hydra contains Hyaluronic acid which helps to give a great effect to the skin and helps to reduce wrinkles, and gives a very youthful look. Apart from that, there is the various product which is used in the treatments and those are stemcello for the hair revival which has given wonderful effect. I Dr. RajashreeMayakar Dermatologist and cosmetologist running my setup at Mumbai based professional cosmetologist have been using these products for the past Three-four years and I have seen wonderful effects for hair revival stemcello. Apart from that, I have been using Faina which is the whitening serum has given wonderful results in the face in terms of even out the tone reducing the shades, and reducing the pigmentation and dark circles which really gives a glow to the face and confidence to the people who have been dealing with this issue. I recommending this product to anyone who is having this issue gives wonderful results.

Dr. RajashreeMayakare, Mumbai


Very safe and effective

Lazhora products are very safe and effective.

Dr. Niveditha, Raipur


I am very happy with the Gluzho-white

I would like to inform you that I am very happy with the Gluzho-white effect post-peel in my regular practice. I’m recommending Gluzho-white for both personal and patient use and the results are highly satisfactory. Gluzho-white gives perfect results after any peel and works good on melasma after deep peels.

Dr. Sangeetha, Chennai


Best result

It’s been three years I’m getting products from lazhora medical cosmetics. Not only for my patients, I’m getting it for my personal use also. I’m very happy with the charcoal face masks and peels which gives the best results.

Dr. Sandhya, Chennai


Prompt and reliable service.

Lazhora is my go-to brand for Chemical peels. Very good results. Prompt and reliable service.

Dr. Diksha, Goa


I Highly recommend them

Lazhora range of products is extremely good and excellent performance and definitely, the patient comes up with results. I Highly recommend them.

Dr. Akbar Ali, Adimali


Love your Master peel

Love your Master peel and Glycolic Acid 70%.

Dr. GeethaGopalakrishnan, Calicut


Excellent and are at an affordable price

We are now using Fusion Peel B & Fusion Peel D. Both these peels are excellent and are at an affordable price.

Dr. Reshma, Cochin


It gives wonderful results

I have been using Pumpkin Peel for many years. It gives wonderful results.

Dr. Sabin Joseph, Kerala


Fusion Peels are fine

Fusion Peels are fine, no problem so far.

Dr. Shrutakirthi, Mangalore


PRP works well

PRP works well, Serum Hyaluronic acid is ok consistency is a bit sticky at times. Fusion peel B is good.

Dr. Jyothi, Mangalore


Faina is good

Faina is good, Gluzho White is good, Splash few people said it’s oily, Skin glow peel is good.

Dr. Renuka Shetty, Bangalore