Digital Dermafuge

• Table Top Centrifuge Machine, Adjust Speed 500 to 4400 as per Program
• Compact body which is made of plastic CRC sheet duly powder coated.
• Inner safety bowl made of aluminum.
• Fitted with well balance Universal motor having long life with imported carbons.
• Digital display shows set time/balance time/RCF.
• Microprocessor based digital timer of range 1-99 min..


Microprocessor Based
Motor with Carbon Brush
Max. Speed 4400 rpm
Especially design for PRP
Lid Lock for safe drive
Swingout rotor with 8x15ml tube

Max Speed : 4400 RPM
Motor : Universal Motor (with Carbon Brushes) 1/8 HP
Power : AC 220V 50 Hz 10%
Dimension of Machine : L: 15.5″, W: 14.0″, H: 11.5″
Dimension of Outer Box : L: 19.0″, W: 17.5″, H: 17.5″
Net Weight : 12.5 Kg (Approx) Gross with Box: 14 Kg
Current : 220 V 50 Hz (AC)

Centrifuge Machine – 1 No
Instruction Manual – 1 No
Cord & Plug – 1 No
Spare Fuse – 1 No
Gotty – 1 No
Head Puller – 1 No

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A centrifuge is a device that uses centrifugal force to separate various components of a fluid. This is achieved by spinning the fluid at high speed within a container, thereby separating fluids of different densities (e.g. Plasma from Blood) .It works by causing denser substances and particles to move outward in the radial direction. At the same time, objects that are less dense are displaced and move to the centre.